Residential (Children)

Arcadia Place

Arcadia Place is an eight-bed Foster Group Care home that provides transitional or long-term foster care for adolescent girls age 13 – 17, who may have moderate to severe emotional/behavioral problems and placement is contingent upon court orders and family case plan goals. While at Arcadia Place the children are prepared to be reunited with their families or a more traditional foster home placement. For more information about Arcadia Place, please call  850.469.3510.

Cabot Heights

Some children are better served in a group home than a traditional or therapeutic foster home. In these instances, FamiliesFirst Network (FFN) in Circuit One refers boys ages 13 to 17 to Cabot Heights where they can receive behavioral health services and have access to a team that encourages their strengths and abilities. These young boys are dependents of the State of Florida Child Welfare Program and are in need of a supportive environment. While with us at Cabot Heights, our team places an emphasis on helping them to achieve goals set by FFN and the court as written in their family case plans. In our transitional or long-term foster care program, we help them prepare for living in a family setting or in an independent environment.

For more information about Cabot Heights call  850.475.5575 or  850.475.5576.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call  850.469.3500.

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