‘Prevention’ is the Key to Addressing Child Abuse

Pensacola, Fla. (April 1, 2021) – During National Child Abuse Prevention Month we want to not only focus on reporting child abuse, but even more importantly, preventing child abuse. Here’s how the community can help:

  • Be part of the MANIcure movement and paint one fingernail blue to start conversations about child abuse prevention. 
  • Consider becoming a foster parent.
  • Join the Fostering through Faith network as a volunteer to support foster parents. 
  • Learn about the Infant Mental Health program that works with parent and child to encourage positive emotional development for children ages 0-5.

One in 5 children will experience child abuse before the age of 18, but our community can help change that. Commit to joining the MANicure Movement, a statewide, grassroots movement to help “polish off child abuse.” Men and women across the state of Florida will paint an index fingernail blue to prompt conversations about the causes, prevention and resources for healing children and parents.

If you can help at any level, contact Michelle Giordano at 850.860.4259, or Michelle.Giordano@bhcpns.org and let’s work harder to prevent child abuse instead of just treating it.

Visit eLakeviewCenter.org/FamiliesFirstNetwork/manicure-movement to learn more.

Follow Facebook.com/FamiliesFirstNetwork for frequent updates. 

Helpful numbers:

Florida Abuse Hotline call 800.962.2873

Abuse line for those experiencing deafness call 800.453.5145

Emergency dial 911

Foster parenting information call 850.453.7777


For more information about this press release or to schedule an interview, please contact Tish Pennewill at 850.469.3621 or Tish.Pennewill@bhcpns.org.