National Recovery Month  2020

A troubled man holds his heal in deep thought.

Pensacola, Fla. (August 28, 2020) – September is National Recovery month. This is an especially important time to help promote recovery resources and services in our communities.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, some programs have seen an increase in people who were previously in recovery and are now returning for detox services. Just because a person received addictions treatment doesn’t mean they can’t be helped. Relapse is part of the disease, and recovery is achievable. Here are five things to know during this global health crisis related to addiction:

  1. Stress and isolation can increase the risk of drug or alcohol relapse. Studies show that people may turn to an addictive substance as a way to escape during traumatic or difficult circumstances. 
  2. Scheduling regular interactions with friends and family using technology or a cell phone, can help prevent feelings of boredom and loneliness during this pandemic. 
  3. Telehealth is making it convenient for people to receive help. Using a laptop or mobile device you can log on from home and avoid waiting rooms.  
  4. Consistency is important. Set a time for going to bed and getting up. 
  5. Put healthy activities on your calendar and follow through on them.

Take advantage of National Recovery Month as a time to increase awareness and understanding of mental health and substance use issues. It’s important that we help one another. Now is the time to learn more about recovery resources.