FFN Celebrates 100 Adoptions Using Family-Match Technology

Pensacola, Fla. (August 6, 2021) – FamiliesFirst Network of Lakeview Center (FFN) announces a celebratory milestone. The non-profit agency, in partnership Adoption-Share and Selfless Love Foundation, has finalized 100 adoptions using Family-Match technology. Each adoption has changed the future of a child. The adoptions also garner a savings of more than $1.5 million dollars for each year a child celebrates another birthday in an adoptive family. 

Reunification with the biological family is the initial, primary goal, but when a court deems that it’s safer to terminate parental rights, FFN is tasked with finding the best adoptive family. To help with this responsibility, FFN started using Family-Match technology in 2018 and was the first agency in Florida to train in the online compatibility matching program for children waiting in foster care.

“In less than three years, we’ve reached a major milestone, dramatically changing the futures of children,” said Mark Jones, president, FamiliesFirst Network.  “We are grateful for a tool that helps us ensure that we are making the best relational fits with children waiting to be adopted and the families who are looking to grow their families.”

Family-Match is a web-based application created by Adoption-Share that uses predictive models to help case workers find the best placements. Selfless Love Foundation formed a strategic partnership with Adoption-Share to make its Family-Match Program available to agencies and families in Florida at no cost. The data-driven technology helps decrease waiting times during the foster/adoption placement process. With a compatibility assessment developed by the former lead researchers from eHarmony, this solution is helping decrease time to adoption placement, match children to families where they will flourish, and improve case worker efficiency.  

Learn more at FamiliesFirstNetwork.org or contact Michelle Giordano at michelle.giordano@bhcpns.org or 850.860.4259.