Adoption 2020 – One Heart, One Home, Change a Life Forever

Graphic of adoption: one heart, one home, change a life forever.

Pensacola, Fla. (November 2, 2020) – November is National Adoption Awareness Month. FamiliesFirst Network (FFN) encourages the community to embrace the theme One Heart, One Home, Change a Life Forever so that all children are placed in safe, loving homes. This year, we share some interesting information about sibling groups and teens.

Sibling Groups

Did you know that in our local community 96% of youth who come into foster care have a brother or sister? Fear of familial separation can cause these children to feel lonely, insecure, anxious and depressed. It can affect their schoolwork and confidence. Separation from loved ones can erode their trust in adults. In a sibling group, children feel more comfortable when they can be moved with their brothers and sisters. Those relationships improve their sense of belonging and emotional well-being. 


Just as adoptive parents relish seeing a baby take that first step or say that first word, they also enjoy seeing a teen learn to drive, go on a first date, graduate from college or nail a great job interview. In Florida when you adopt a youth through FamiliesFirst Network, financial assistance to help with expenses is available until the child turns 21. Youth also have the advantage of medical and mental health benefits. Then, to ensure they are workforce ready and prepared to share their talents with the world, youth also qualify for a college stipend. 

Let’s encourage our community to make adoption part of their family stories. Adoption is an opportunity to build special lifelong bonds that enrich lives. Call 850.480.3849. Learn more at