About Us

The programs and services offered by Lakeview Center's Behavioral Health division are designed to:

  • Support the recovery, health and well-being of the persons or families we serve
  • Enhance quality of life for our clients and the community
  • Reduce symptoms or needs and build resilience
  • Help the people we serve return to and participate in the life of the community

Provided by skilled professionals, our Behavioral Health Services are geared toward recovery and based on methods that research has shown to be most effective. Our emphasis is on achieving positive clinical outcomes and excellent customer satisfaction. We have multiple service lines, each providing a progression of care that allows us to meet our clients' changing needs as they move toward recovery.

Philosophy of Treatment

Lakeview Center's services are designed to promote self-sufficiency, recovery and overall wellness for people with serious and persistent mental illness. We believe people have a right to be in charge of their own lives, and that staff and clinicians must be responsive to our clients' needs, on the clients' terms, and in ways that are unique to each client's individual personality and preferences.

Behavioral Health Services | 1221 W. Lakeview Avenue | Pensacola, Florida 32501 |  850.469.3500