The Mind-Body Connection

Someone's feet wearing sneakers while walking on pavement toward the sunrise. - 12/09/2019

Optimal health requires balance. It might seem obvious to stay healthy by exercising, eating right and getting plenty of sleep, but what about managing depression, anxiety and dependent behaviors

Those challenges can happen to anyone just like heart disease, high blood pressure, or obesity in the absence of diet and exercise. It’s important to know about community resources for “whole-self” balance. A Pensacola team of experts at Summit Group is helping people re-achieve the mind-body connection. 

Mental illness and addiction often co-occur which means that an integrated treatment approach is best because it will assess, diagnose and treat both mental illnesses and addiction disorders. This approach can get at the root of the problem. Asking for help can be a big step because of the stigma associated with mental illness, but keep in mind that people place stigma on mental health issues because they are not informed. You know it’s a disease, and there are experts out there who want to help just like oncologists want to help people living with a cancer diagnosis. 

Regardless of the substance – alcohol, opioids, etc. – recovery is possible. You might feel like there’s no turning back from the grip of opioid addiction, but that’s not true. In most cases people can’t recover without help though. Medication-Assisted Treatment using Suboxone has proven very helpful. You can take this medication to curb withdrawal symptoms. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons people won’t quit. Suboxone makes it much easier to get you over the hump. You are empowered to rebalance your mind and body by completing life-changing treatment.

 A three-pronged approach to opioid addiction: 

  • Counseling and building a relationship with an expert
  • Treating of the underlying problem, often a traumatic experience
  • Participating in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) using Suboxone®. 

Take charge of your health today. Dare to find your true resilience and connect with a team that wants to help you.