Substance Abuse Therapies

Evidence-Based Therapies

Motivational Enhancement Therapy
Motivational Enhancement Therapy or MET is one of several evidence-based therapies in our treatment plans. MET helps you as you go through change and supports you in having a strength-based perspective for your recovery. We want to help you discover a better quality of life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
As we said in our philosophy statement, we believe in the mind, body and spirit connection and consider all issues of your life to help put you on a path to recovery. The mind and the body work closely when it comes to how we act. We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a means to help you understand how your feelings and thoughts are affecting the behavioral choices you are making. We provide solutions to help you more clearly see the connection between the two. It's one of several therapies in our program at The Friary.

Experiential Therapy
Another therapy we provide at The Friary is Experiential Therapy. We've seen many clients connect with the change process they are experiencing by participating in experiential therapy groups. The benefits to this therapy are gaining positive insights into yourself and learning how to grow and move forward on a healthy path.

Modalities of Therapy

Individual Therapy (Psychotherapy)
If admitted into The Friary Treatment Program, just like every person admitted, you will be paired with a masters-level therapist within one business day of your admission. Your assigned primary therapist will be responsible for the treatment plan, but will collaborate with you as you both work toward an effective plan. The therapist also will provide individual therapy. Our protocol is to schedule a minimum of one individual session each week with you, but additional individual psychotherapy is available considering your need. Our goal is to remain person-centered at all times to help ensure we meet your individual needs. After all, our treatment program is about helping you recover. You are our priority.

Family Therapy
Successful substance abuse programs involve loved ones because they can help complete the path to wellness. That's why The Friary provides a Family Program. One part of this program is "Family Day," held each Friday. Families are encouraged to attend these psycho-educational and process groups for a full day.

Your primary therapist will meet with your family to discuss and assess the need for family therapy. Your therapist also will talk about progress and recovery plans during this time.

Your family members also can attend family groups and Al-Anon meetings held every Thursday evening at our campus. These support meetings are available to you and all your loved ones as part of Family Continuing Care and for as long as needed.

A variety of classes, nutritional education, medical presentations and in-house 12-Step Meetings are available throughout the course of your treatment. We make the process engaging for your family unit to help ensure you recover.

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