What our clients are saying…

I might not have noticed the sunset (over the Bay) had it not been for my 30 days in The Friary and my sobriety since leaving there on July 7th of this year. It seems odd to say that I "miss" rehab, but for the awesome staff and the awesome clients that I was fortunate to share their journey I HAVE BEEN BLESSED!! I owe it all to you guys and of course my willingness to change. I am totally rewarded by my choice to choose The Friary as the place to begin my recovery. Were it not for this I would not be here today. I am forever grateful.
- Eddie H.

I admitted myself to The Friary on in May of 2014 after 43 years of alcohol and drug abuse. I was defeated and done with life. The only thing I had was a little bit of willingness to change. I owe my life to the care and treatment I received at the Friary. The staff and treatment program helped me turn my life around. I spent 23 days in a safe and loving environment. I am now 14 and one-half months sober and doing great — for the first time since I was 12 years old. I am in the AA program and have no desire to return to the life I used to live. I now go back to The Friary and do service work in an effort to give back what I have received. Life is good, my obsession from drink and drugs is gone which is something I could never have imagined. I owe my new life to The Friary and staff. Thank you!
- Dave P.

It was suggested by my Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that I attend a treatment facility to address my abuse of drugs and alcohol. The Friary was the EAP coordinator’s No. 1 suggestion for me since it was a dual-diagnosed facility including addiction and psychological treatments. When I first spoke to the intake specialist at The Friary I felt a sense of compassion and care that I was important. When I first stepped onto the grounds I felt a sense of serenity I had not felt in a long time. I was a hopeless individual when I arrived at The Friary. A few weeks later when I left the Friary I was hopeful once again. Thanks to the tools and knowledge I gained at The Friary I have not picked up a mind-altering substance — "one day at a time" — for the last two years. My life has become so much richer thanks to the people and the life The Friary has offered me through the life of active recovery instead of active addiction. The continuing care program at The Friary is Grade A. I make my AA/NA meetings regularly, and I include one continuing care meeting each week. I learned the most important thing at The Friary: “Go at my recovery as hard as I went at my addiction.”
- Heather P.

I was nose-deep in an addiction. I knew I was in deep at that point, so I reached out to a friend of mine who went to The Friary and asked her for information. She told me how gorgeous it was there, how nice everyone was, but to only go if I was serious. I think I made three different appointments. The Friary staff never gave up on me. Instead they told me there was a bed waiting for me when I needed it. I don’t know how I found the strength to say, “I can’t do this anymore” but I did. I had to do something. My mom drove me to the Friary. I sobbed the whole way there.

It’s weird to look back on rehab fondly, but I made amazing friends. I started laughing again and making other people laugh. It helped shape my identity. I thought, “I’m funny? Without four drinks in me? Who knew!”

The Friary itself (grounds) is gorgeous. It feels like being at a spa by the water. All my preconceived ideas about white walls and bars on the windows were thrown out. The rooms were always comfortable. The staff was always amazing. The techs went out of their way to make sure we were happy, safe and feeling OK. They were always willing to lend an ear, and it was a wonderful realization that even though I was in rehab, I wasn’t being looked down on. It gave me hope that one day I could have a year, two years, 10 years of sobriety under my belt. Without The Friary, I’d probably be back in my addiction. The memory of the Friary helps keep me sober.

Today, I am a doctor’s assistant. I just bought a brand new car. I’m in a healthy, thriving relationship. I have excellent friends, and I have the trust of my family. Two years post-Friary, I am truly doing well. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t hit bottom, and if the Friary wasn’t there to help pick me back up.

The Friary is a place of hope and friendship and recovery. More than the beautiful grounds, delicious food and comfy rooms, the Friary is a little piece of all our hearts, and I am forever grateful for it.
- Lindsey B.

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