Our Philosophy

We want to understand and treat the full scope of your substance use disorder or mental health concerns. We consider all issues in your life, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain and family relationships. Our staff will consider all of these aspects and develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs. We believe in the mind, body and spirit connection. We know that it takes a balance in all three areas to truly recover and discover a higher quality of life.

Our local, parent organization is Lakeview Center, Inc. Lakeview is known for caring, compassionate treatment for people with mental health issues, drug and alcohol dependencies, or intellectual disabilities.

Likewise, at The Friary, we have the same culture. We live our Mission of: Helping People throughout Life’s Journey. You will meet caring staff members who are energized by helping people. You also will discover serenity in our calm environment.

We are waiting to help you heal and be empowered by good health. Call us today at 850.437.8952 or toll free 800.332.2271.


The Friary is in a collaborative partnership with Hazelden Betty Ford Patient Care Network which allows us to share knowledge and best practices with clinical partners across the nation to improve care. We share a common philosophy about the most effective, evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders and a commitment to improving outcomes. The three focus areas of collaboration are:

  • Organizational and Operational Resources
  • Staff Development and Clinical Tools
  • Patient/Family and Community Education and Resources

We’re proud to partner with The Network, and look forward to its benefits for the people and families we serve.

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A testament of our person-centered quality of care: The Friary is accredited by CARF International in intensive outpatient and outpatient treatments. Accreditation demonstrates our specific commitment to you so that we always ensure the highest possible quality of services. CARF International is guided by highly recognized service standards and best practices to reduce risk, address health and safety, and respect cultural and individual preferences.

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1201 W. Lakeview Avenue
Pensacola, Florida 32501
Toll Free: 800.332.2271

The Friary | 1201 W. Lakeview Avenue | Pensacola, Florida 32501 |  850.437.8952