The Friary is place where people can come for rehabilitative and outpatient treatment for alcohol and/or drug dependencies. The Friary is located in a tranquil setting on beautiful Pensacola Bay just a few miles outside Gulf Breeze, Florida. Originally a retreat for retired Franciscan monks, The Friary retains much of the charm from that time. The setting is ideal for anyone starting their journey to addiction recovery.

In our supportive and calm environment we use proven treatment methods to address all aspects of addiction. While we are located on a serene span of coastal landscape, we are serious about balancing the mind, body and spirit to ensure a successful recovery.

We get to the root of your problem by also addressing co-occurring mental health issues to promote overall recovery. Many people abuse drugs or alcohol because they experienced a life trauma. We can help you learn how to make positive choices.

We invite you to come see for yourself. Call us at  850.932.9375 or toll free  800.332.2271.

The Friary | 1830 Hickory Shores Road | Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 |  850.469.3500