What is Suboxone Treatment?

The Summit Group is a specialty practice of Lakeview Center that provides a discreet option for opioid dependency treatment using Suboxone ®. As part of our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program, Suboxone® can be taken at home to stave off cravings and allow you to go about managing your home, job and family.

The generic name for this medication is Buprenorphine, and it’s approved for the treatment of opioid dependence. Dispensed by one of our physicians, Suboxone® can be taken in our office if you choose. It’s taken under the tongue, and most patients don't have problems with the medication.

Stabilization usually occurs within a few days. Then, you adhere to a set schedule of visits with your Summit Group doctor.

We focus on each person and develop treatment plans that may include: evaluations, regular office visits and counseling. We do encourage you to seek a substance abuse therapist who can help you through the deeper issues in your life that perhaps contribute to addiction behavior.

You are responsible for filling your prescription at any local pharmacy and taking the medication as directed. Suboxone is used for long-term treatment (preferred). There is hope, and we can help. Call us at  850.469.3500.

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