Contract Exhibits

The following documents are available on this website for subproviders within our Community-Based Care contract. In the event these documents are updated, current subcontractors will be notified of updates. Please consider this website your primary reference source for contractual exhibits.


  • Family Support Team (FST)
  • Adoption Support Team (AST)
  • Home Option for Medically Exceptional (HOME)
  • Residential
  • Family Visitation Center
  • Foster Home Development
  • Child Protection Professional Training
  • Family Care Unit
  • All Providers
  • Sexual and Physical Abuse Treatment Services (SPATS)
  • Wraparound

Adoption Support Team


Family Visitation Centers

Foster Home Development

Family Care Unit

In-Home Support Services

Intensive Family Preservation and Reunification

University of West Florida

All Providers

Therapeutic Services for Children

Sexual and Physical Abuse Treatment Services (SPATS)

Wraparound Contract

Flexible Spending