Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I sign up for a MAT program instead of quitting on my own?
Often, no one can resist a craving of any sort on his or her own, especially a drug addiction. A supportive MAT program led by caring people can help you. The methadone medication changes your brain chemistry and wards off cravings, which is half the battle. Methadone also prevents withdrawal symptoms that lead so many back to drug abuse. Counseling is beneficial for building long-term recovery and relationship skills.
How often do I need to come to the clinic for counseling?
At the beginning of treatment you will come to the clinic for weekly counseling. After a period of time you will only come once or twice a month.
What happens at a counseling session?
In counseling we work to help you live a drug-free life. We cover topics such as: triggers for use, dealing with cravings, handling everyday stress and more.
How can I pay for my dose?
You can pay for your dose on a daily or weekly basis. We accept payments Monday through Friday between 6 and 10:15 a.m. We do not accept payments on the weekend.
What should I expect when I show up for my dose?
Once you check in and make your payment you will be given a ticket and asked to wait in our waiting room. When your ticket number is called you can go to the dosing area for your daily dose. Once you have dosed, you may leave.
How long will it take me to overcome my cravings?
Generally, the cravings will begin to decrease within a couple of days. When we determine the appropriate dose for you any cravings associated with your drug use should go away.
How long do I need to be in the program?
Program length of time depends on each individual and is based on many factors such as: how long you were using drugs; your support system; and your commitment to the recovery process.
What transportation resources are available so that I don’t miss a dose?
Public transportation is available in most Gulf Coast counties.

Pensacola, Florida Clinic Area:
ECAT regular base fare is less than $2. Visit for routes, maps and schedules.

Shalimar, Florida Clinic Area:
Okaloosa County Transit regular daily base fare is less than $2. Visit for routes, maps and schedules.

All Gulf Coast Areas:
You also can Google "Pensacola Transportation" for a listing of taxi services in the area. Our MAT program is located in Pensacola, Shalimar and Century, Florida. Call us today at a location convenient to you.

MAT Clinic – Pensacola, Fl.,  850.466.3400
MAT Clinic – Shalimar, Fl.,  850.609.1040
MAT Clinic – Century, Fl.,  850.256.6165

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