Once you learn that you meet the admissions criteria, you will attend an orientation. Following orientation, we will schedule time with you for a clinical and medical intake. The intake usually occurs within two weeks after the orientation class.

Admissions Criteria

You must currently have a physiological dependence on opiates and evidence of addiction for at least one year before applying for methadone treatment. Only three exceptions are allowed:

  1. If you are pregnant.
  2. If you have been incarcerated 30 days or longer within the past six months.
  3. If you have received at least six months of maintenance treatment, with discharge or detoxification occurring no more than a year ago, and have no other forms of treatment available to you.


  • If you are age 18 or older
  • If you have a willingness to undergo inpatient detoxification for concurrent non-opiate or alcohol dependence if it is indicated and approved by a physician within our program
  • If you have no unstable psychiatric, emotional or behavioral conditions or complications that could distract from recovery
  • If you have stable living arrangements, transportation and social/family support
  • If you have a willingness to sign a Release of Confidential Information from private physician(s), Department of Children and Families and other legal authorities involved in your referral
  • If you are medically stable and approved for admission by a physician with our program
  • If you have a stable and legal means to pay for a daily dosing fee

Program Restrictions

  • If you have a lack of documented dependency on opiates
  • If you have an unwillingness to discontinue use of prohibited prescription medications such as benzodiazepines — a class of tranquilizers, sleeping pills and muscle relaxers
  • If you are at current risk of harming yourself or others
  • If you are actively psychotic
  • If you have medical conditions or complications that require treatment in another setting

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