About Opiate Treatment

Our Philosophy

The Lakeview Center Opiate Treatment Program is centered on helping people learn the skills to overcome addiction to opium-derived drugs. Cravings are perhaps the biggest hurdle, but Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) can be the key to recovery.

MAT is an evidence-based practice composed of pharmacological interventions, counseling and support. We can provide you with a dependable staff and a safe environment to start your recovery process.

We consider all aspects of your life and are guided by proven practices that effectively address substance abuse, mental health and related issues. Using methadone as the medication, MAT is designed to support, motivate and guide your progress through treatment. If you or a loved one needs help, you can access our MAT program in Pensacola, Shalimar and Century, Florida.

Let us help you discover a better quality of life. Call us now at a clinic convenient to you:

  • MAT Clinic – Pensacola, Fl.,        850.466.3400
  • MAT Clinic – Shalimar, Fl.,        850.609.1040
  • MAT Clinic – Century, Fl.,        850.256.6165

We recognize that beyond your addiction challenge, you also may face financial, social and psychological difficulties. At the start, we take account of your emotional, behavioral, physical, social and ethnic makeup. We also consider your cultural preferences, gender, age and sexual orientation. Loved ones play an important role, and we include them in your treatment plan when possible. Medical, psychiatric, educational, legal, vocational and social needs also are part of developing a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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