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Lakeview Center looks at the whole person in an effort to balance the mind, body and spirit. We listen to each individual who comes to us for help to assess and determine the most effective, personal recovery plan. First and foremost we want you to understand that our goal is to serve you with compassion and dignity.

In some circumstances an inpatient treatment plan may be best. We have several evidence-based, inpatient programs that include assessment, detoxification, counseling and long-term psychiatric treatment. We also provide community-based linkage services to help you when you return home. Our comprehensive services yield many options.

Acute Stabilization Unit (ASU)

The Acute Stabilization Unit (ASU) is located on Lakeview Center’s main campus and is a 10-bed crisis stabilization and medically supervised drug and alcohol detoxification facility that serves people who are 18 years old and older. Our ASU team also sees people who are experiencing serious and acute mental illness, substance abuse impairment and co-occurring mental illness. A screening process takes place to determine whether voluntary or involuntary criteria is met for admission. This program is governed by the Florida Mental Health or Baker Act/Marchman Act (Florida Statute 394 & 397/Chapters 65D-30 and 65E-12 and 65E-15 Florida Administrative Code).

The average length of stay is three to five days. When clients leave this facility, we go a step further to help link them to community-based services that support them while living at home. We also provide outpatient or residential services. For more information about ASU services, please call  850.469.3495.

Baptist Behavioral Medicine

Baptist Behavioral Medicine Center is a 90-bed acute care facility that serves adults, adolescents and children who are experiencing a crisis related to mental health or substance use disorders. Each population is treated within a designated unit so that our clinical staff members can guide individuals toward a successful recovery.

Should you or a loved one go to the Baptist Hospital Emergency Department for urgent behavioral health services, the staff will care for you in a separate, secure and private psychiatric setting. A collaborative screening process will help determine the best care setting in the least restrictive environment to meet your current needs. If hospitalization is not recommended, you will be linked to outpatient services to support your needs in the community. For more information about Behavioral Medicine Center call  850.434.4808. You also can reach our 24-hour direct referral team at  850.469.5811.

West Florida Community Care Center (WFCCC)

The WFCCC campus is an 80-bed State of Florida treatment facility located in Milton, Florida and managed by Lakeview Center , Inc. When an acute care setting is not the best treatment option for someone who needs longer-term inpatient care, WFCCC is a place where they can learn how to manage their emotions and behaviors.

WFCCC primarily treats people on an involuntary basis using medications, behavioral and counseling therapies, educational classes, and focused individualized treatment. The average length of stay at WFCCC is approximately four months. Should you or a loved one be admitted to WFCCC, rest assured our team will provide compassionate care. Learn more about visitation and accreditation at WFCCC . The number for our WFCCC team is  850.983.5500.

Mental Crisis Screening and Emergency Services

We have a team in place to help you or a loved one if you’re experiencing mental health or substance abuse issues. We are available 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays to help anyone who voluntarily or involuntarily comes to us. Our team provides emergency assessments and referrals to inpatient and outpatient treatments and programs. Services include crisis intervention, acute psychiatric and substance abuse screenings. For more information about hours and locations call  850.380.0967. If you have an emergency please call 911.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call  850.469.3500.

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