Employment and Support Services

Vocational Rehabilitation

Employment and Support Services, a business line of Global Connections to Employment (GCE), helps people with disabilities prepare for competitive work through evaluation, career planning and employment and support services.

Employment and Support Services VR Services Brochure

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation and Career Planning: This process helps people achieve greater self and work knowledge through participation in activities designed to evaluate skills, interests, and abilities. We learn what skills training and/or continuing education may be suitable for them, and what supports and services might be needed to ensure employment success. Some examples of the assessments include:

  • Academic achievement
  • Intellectual functioning
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Aptitude
  • Job interests
  • Motor skills

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation and Career Planning Written Plan of Service

The results help our team make recommendations in a more comprehensive manner. A formalized report is written at the end of the evaluation period.

On-the-Job Training (OJT): This service gives a person the opportunity to learn or enhance work skills through a paid OJT assignment located at a community business. Additional Admission Criteria: Ability to pass a drug test and criminal history, if applicable, must not prohibit employment in occupational goal.

Pre-Placement Training: This 20-hour formal instruction program prepares people so that they present themselves, and their work experience, in a positive manner to a prospective employer.

Community Employment Services (CES): Individuals who are seeking employment in their local community benefit from these services. Services include:

  • Assistance with selecting realistic vocational (work) goals
  • Learning employability skills and behaviors
  • Facilitating job site modifications
  • Finding job opportunities
  • Job placement support
  • Providing job retention help

Community Employment Services Written Plan of Service

Targeted Employment Services

The Targeted Employment Services team at Global Connections to Employment (GCE), helps people with disabilities prepare for competitive work through the following programs:

Project Search: This transition program for employment is community-based and helps young adults with disabilities prepare for, obtain, and retain jobs through career exploration, non-paid internships, and supported employment placement services. Project Search Brochure

Project SEARCH Written Plan of Service

Employment Enhancement Project: These services help increase community integration of individuals with intellectual disabilities through employment services such as paid internships and/or competitive employment.

Targeted Employment Navigation Services (TENS): These services help applicants with disabilities navigate the GCE employment process and includes:

  • Recruiting applicants with disabilities
  • Performing evaluations to determine if applicants are AbilityOne qualified
  • Collaborating with hiring managers to identify and recommend appropriate workplace accommodations and supports for GCE employees
  • Providing solution-oriented services intended to promote job retention and assisting with job placement for GCE employees when employment outside of GCE is a goal

Additional Resources:

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