Custodial Services

Picture of a man vacuumingGCE has been delivering exceptional service experiences to our custodial customers since 1986. We provide services to a long list of government and commercial customers. Currently, our team cleans more than 15,000,000 square feet of space for the United States Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy.

Serving our customers helps us achieve our Mission of “helping people throughout life's journey.” We’ve connected more than 475 people with disabilities to meaningful work through our custodial services business line.

Capability Statement

We continue to research and implement industry best practices to help ensure we align with our Pillars of Operational Excellence: Best People, Best Service, Best Quality, Financial Performance and Growth. Our policy is to openly share information with other non-profit agencies to improve the employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Learn more about our Custodial Services business line by calling  850.595.1330. or 877.827.2372 (toll-free)

We manage custodial services at the following locations:

City of Gulf Breeze, Gulf Breeze, FL – (Since October 2010)

Janitorial services are provided to City of Gulf Breeze municipality offices such as: City Hall, Recreational Center, Police Department and Fire Departments. These diverse locations (executive offices, ball park restrooms, etc.) require attention to processes. They are high-visibility facilities. Our services are provided seven days a week.

Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Walton Beach, FL – (Since April 2011)

Our organization provides janitorial services to Eglin AFB as well as outlying facilities. This contract requires that we service multiple secure locations, serve more than 300 buildings and cover approximately 3,655,000 square feet.

Fort Campbell, Fort Campbell, KY – (Since October 1998)

Janitorial services are provided at this U.S. Army installation including outlying facilities. We are regularly required to increase or decrease manpower based on troop deployment and return. We were honored with a contractor excellence award for cleaning approximately 1,840,000 square feet of space on this base.

Fort Knox, Fort Knox, KY – (Since August 2005)

GCE has a Total Facilities Management contract to provide janitorial services at this U.S. Army installation. Our team cleans a wide range of spaces to include museums, child development centers and office buildings. The approximate space we clean measures 3,160,000 square feet and the Human Resource Center (HRC) building exceeds 750,000 square feet.

MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL – (Since October 2000)

This U.S. Air Force Base was twice rated Best Place to Work by The Tampa Bay Times. Our team provides janitorial services to 4,655,000 square feet including the base and outlying facilities. We service multiple high-security facilities.

Naval Air Station Pensacola, Pensacola, FL – (Since 1993)

GCE is proud to have served this naval installation located in the same city where our corporate offices are located for more than 20 years. We provide janitorial, administrative and food services aboard this facility covering approximately 2,223,000 square feet. We are LEED certified at this installation.

Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Milton, FL – (Since October 1991)

Our organization provides janitorial services to the buildings and outlying facilities at NAS Whiting Field. We clean 377,000 square feet at this “Green” site.

Naval Support Activity, Orlando, FL – (Since 1998)

Our staff provides janitorial services aboard this secure facility that has multiple high-security areas. We service approximately 267,000 square feet working both day and night shifts to accommodate our customer.

Pensacola Federal Courthouse and Arnow Federal Building, Pensacola FL - (Since April 1991)

GCE provides janitorial services for both of these high profile General Services Administration (GSA) buildings. Each day our team cleans approximately 140,000 square feet in the contrasting - modern and historical - buildings. In-depth security clearances are required.

United States Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Clearwater, FL – (Since October 2000)

We provide food services at this government installation as well as janitorial services covering approximately 70,000 square feet of building space. We service a wide range of facility types including food services sanitation and executive office space.

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