The Self-Advocacy Group, One Voice, at Naval Air Station Pensacola, offers GCE team members, who have a disabilities, the opportunities to raise awareness, break down stereotypes and promote acceptance and respect. The goal of GCE to have other groups form at sites where GCE has a presence in multiple states as well. The group participates in local community walks, town hall meetings with local governmental officials, and other events during the year both internally and externally to tell their stories how work has changed their lives.

Their Mission:

At One Voice, we believe in standing up for people who cannot stand up for themselves or have a voice for themselves. The group believes that differing abilities should not affect and change your life and a person should not be judged by it. We believe in attitudes and beliefs that are inclusive of all.


Through legislative outreach and education, we advocate on behalf of our team members in multiple states and the District of Columbia, to ensure that every person and family affected by disabilities has access to the information and skills needed to participate as active citizens of our Federal and State government and the communities where we live. One way GCE does this is through the SourceAmerica AbilityOne Congressional Champion program. With the help of SourceAmerica, members of congress receive the AbilityOne Champion designation because they demonstrate support for the AbilityOne Program, which employs nearly 50,000 people, and associated nonprofit agencies through congressional actions. It is the responsibility of the organizations, such as GCE, to keep in contact with our Congressional leaders throughout the year both locally and at their Washington DC offices. We request visits to our sites in order to meet with our team members directly to hear the importance of jobs for individuals with disabilities, what policies are impacting them, and changes that need to be addressed.

Pictured left to right: Sungho Ahn; Matt Amendt; Florida House Representative, Kathy Castor; Lori Kain GCE Director of Governmental and Community Relations; and Katrina Simpkins; GCE Director of Employment and Support Service