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Foster Parenting Resources

For questions, copies of files, or more info - please call Foster Home Development at (850) 429-6667.
Click the link under the 'Document Link' column to download the appropriate file...

General Information Document Link
A Family Guidedownload | (full guide)
Federal Funding Handbookdownload
Care and Custody Letterdownload
Discipline Policy and Guidelinesdownload | (full guide)
Foster Family Home Licensing Requirementsdownload
Foster Parent Concerns Call Treedownload
Foster Parents Considering Adoptiondownload
Foster Parent Travel Policydownload
Helping Your Foster Child Transition To Your Adoptive Childdownload
Hurricane and Storm Types : What Defines Their Classificationsdownload
Hurricane Supply Tips : Advance Planning To Avoid Stressdownload
Mandatory Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Requirementsdownload | (.pdf version)
Panhandle FAPA of Northwest Florida Membership Formdownload
Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect: Signs and Symptomsdownload
Safety Policiesdownload
Secrets Revealed: Confidentiality In Foster Caredownload | (.ppt original)
Types Of Placements For Removed Childrendownload | (.pdf version)

Medical Forms and Information Document Link
Dentist Search - Circuit 1download
Management and Protection of Personal Health Information Policydownload
Medication Logdownload
Medicaid Providers by Countydownload
Medipass General Informationdownload
Medipass PCP Listingdownload
Medipass PCP's and Network Psychiatristsdownload
Medipass Provider Formdownload
Dental Letterdownload | (.dot template)
Beneficiary Dental and Vision Listdownload

Forms Document Link
Affidavit Of Good Moral and Addendumdownload
Application For Electronic Funds Transferdownload
Central Abuse Hotline Record Searchdownload
Childcare Arrangement Agreementdownload
Confidentiality Agreementdownload
Counselor Review Form 5524download
Emergency Evacuation Informationdownload
Financial Disclosure Formdownload
Foster Family File Information and Documentationdownload
Foster Parent Travel Reimbursement Formdownload
Foster Parent Summary For Relicensingdownload
In-Service Training Recorddownload
Questionnaire For Birth Childrendownload
Record Of Emergency Egress and Relocation Drillsdownload
Release Of Informationdownload
Relief Caregiver Formdownload

Developmental Ages and Stages Document Link
Month 12 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 14 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 16 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 18 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 20 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 20 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 24 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 27 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 30 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 33 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 36 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 42 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 48 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 54 Skill Levelsdownload
Month 60 Skill Levelsdownload

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