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 Medical Foster Parenting

FamiliesFirst Network seeks to find safe, stable, and healing homes for all children in our care. We work with many foster children who have experienced trauma along their young life journeys. Some of these children may have needs best met by the special heroes who step up as medical foster parents.

Medical Foster Care allows these youth and children to develop to their unique and full potentials in home-based environments. They receive intensive medical support, structured supervision and professional interventions similar to those received in a hospital setting, but in a safe and more comforting atmosphere.

Medical foster parents must have flexible work schedules or have at least one parent who can stay home with children who have medically complex needs. FamiliesFirst Network serves children of all ages, genders and races who have these needs.

It’s important for our community to know that parents aren’t required to hold medical degrees (i.e. doctor, nurse, etc.). FamiliesFirst Network with our partner Children’s Medical Services has a program in place to train loving, compassionate people who want to step in and help these children. Upon completion of the traditional 27-hour foster parent training, prospective medical foster parents receive a 32-hour training curriculum that addresses medical processes and parenting aspects of caring for youth with medically complex needs.

Medical foster parents receive financial support and are reimbursed by insurance for additional services. Once enrolled as a Medicaid provider, we can bill the youth’s insurance for additional services provided.

Read the informative article Stepping In to Help Out and learn more. Then, take the first step in changing a youth’s life by becoming a medical foster parent. Contact us at 850.429.6682 or email

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