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Michael M.

Photo of Michael M
Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Michael is a fun-loving young man who likes to be silly and can light up a room with his smile. He loves electronics and playing video games. Michael dreams of being a video game designer when he grows up. His favorite class in school is physical education, and he says he would love to learn to play baseball. Michael's favorite foods are "weird but good things, like sour candies and fruit loop milk shakes." He likes to listen to country music. Michael is very anxious to get adopted and wants a family that will love him unconditionally. Michael is okay with being in a home with other children (but “not too many” as he says) and would love a family that has pets. He says he wants a family who will accept him the way he is and who will do activities together so they can grow a special bond. Michael was born October, 2001.

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