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Kanyon - Adoption Heart Gallery
Photo by: Selfless Love Foundation

Kanyon is a sweet, funny teen who is looking for his forever family. Kanyon needs and he likes 1:1 attention. He likes to talk and hang out when he gets to know the people he is with. For fun, Kanyon enjoys playing basketball and football. His favorite college football team is the Seminoles and his favorite NFL team is the Falcons. Kanyon would like a family who will enjoy the outdoors with him and take him fishing.  He doesn't like to play video games a lot but when he does play he likes to play sport related video games.  He loves cats and dogs and doesn't mind living in a house with either pet. When Kanyon grows up he wants to travel the world and work on boats. Kanyon would do best where he is the youngest child in the home. Kanyon was born in October 2003.

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