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Calvin and Ja'Kaivion

 Photo of Calvin and Ja'Kaivion
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Calvin and Ja'Kaivion are two adorable brothers with somewhat different needs. Calvin loves to run and play. He enjoys all things superhero related, but his all-time favorite is spiderman. Like most little boys, Calvin enjoys exploring his environment and testing boundaries. He has quite the personality and is extremely intelligent. Calvin loves to read and does well in school academically. Ja'Kaivion is an affectionate and loving child who is friendly and bonds to others easily. Ja'Kaivion has medical needs that present him with some challenges, but with the right family and supports he will continue to thrive. He requires assistance with his daily living skills and uses a wheelchair for mobility, although in the home Ja'Kaivion prefers to find other means of moving around such as crawling, scooting, and using household objects. His wheelchair does not limit his desire to be involved and be active. Ja'Kaivion is sometimes underestimated because of his medical needs, but he has a wonderful personality and a lot of love to give. This sibling pair would benefit from a family who is patient, loving and energetic. Calvin was born in March 2012 and Ja'Kaivion was born in November 2012. Would you consider hoping your heart and home to this wonderful duo? 

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