For information, please call  1.850.908.6667. If you are interested in being a Foster Parent click here or call  866.216.0118.

About Adoption

FamiliesFirst Network of (FFN) Lakeview Center is the trusted partner for adoptions in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton counties. Most children in foster care are reunified or permanently placed with relatives or family friends. However, some children need permanent adoptive families, and we help them along their young life journeys.

Are you curious to know if adopting from foster care is right for your family? If so, join us for a Virtual Adoption Info Session to learn more about the child welfare system and the process of adopting. We also will provide answers to commonly asked questions.


In 2018, we launched a new technology to reduce wait times. The data-driven technology named Family-Match was made possible by our partner the Selfless Love Foundation. Family-Match uses data analytics to help case workers recommend the best compatibility matches of foster children and approved families.

Families who can register on Family-Match:

  • Families interested in adoption
  • Families enrolled in adoption training
  • Families who have an approved home study to adopt

Now, some of the hardest to place children — older, school-aged, sibling groups or those with mental, physical or emotional needs and children of color — can be connected to loving adoptive parents quicker. Family-Match can change their life stories from traumatic to positive.

Here’s how you can start the adoption journey now:

  1. Call an adoption recruitment specialist at  850.469.3847.
  2. Initiate the Adoption Inquiry and Home Study Process using the Binti application

Steps in the adoption process:

  • Complete a free, 27-hour training program called Quality Parenting Training (QPT).
  • Participate in a thorough adoptive home study.
  • Complete background screening.

Five benefits to adopting through FamiliesFirst Network:

  • There is no cost through the Department of Children and Families and FamiliesFirst Network.
  • Adoptive families receive training, support and post adoption services.
  • Adoptive parents are eligible to receive a monthly maintenance subsidy.
  • Adoptive children are eligible to receive medical coverage through Medicaid.
  • Adoptive children are eligible to receive free college tuition.

Additional facts about FFN adoption:

  • Married and single adults may apply to adopt.
  • Prior parenting experience is not required.
  • Adoptive families must have sufficient income to meet their own expenses and the adopted child’s.
  • There are no set income limits for adoptive families.
  • An adoptive family must have sufficient room in their home for an adopted child.
  • There are no set requirements about housing type.
  • Adoptive parents must have sufficient physical and emotional ability to meet the needs of an adopted child.
  • There are no restrictions on the age or medical conditions of an adoptive applicant.
  • Individuals convicted of certain violent crimes (i.e. child abuse, domestic violence or murder) cannot adopt.

Foster and Adoptive Parent Handbook

For more information about adoption, call FFN’s Adoption Recruitment Specialist at  850.469.3847

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