Foster Siblings – Making Sense of Their World

Young boy and girl hug. - 11/05/2021

Child welfare statistics tell us that we have some challenges to overcome:

  • Florida receives approximately 300,000 calls each year to the Florida Abuse Hotline.
  • The Department of Children and Families investigates 137,872 cases each year. 
  • The sheriff’s office investigates 48,632 cases each year.

We also have data showing that about 96% of children in foster care have a brother or sister who has been a constant presence in their lives. Considering that all children coming into care have experienced some level of trauma, keeping siblings together becomes a top priority.

A sibling may be the only person who knows, and likely shares, their experiences. Keeping brothers and sisters together helps them make sense of their word. It gives them grounding in a life that appears to have no reliable foundation on which to stand – no person to depend on.

Research suggest that sibling groups have a better chance of success, fewer moves and emotional benefits. Children have someone to talk to and while building on their new family lives, continue building on a familial bond they’ve known for a lifetime. 

If you are interested in learning more about adopting a sibling group from foster care, can contact Michelle Giordano, community relations manager, at 850.860.4259. 

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