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Residential (Adult)

Residential treatment provides the most comprehensive and intense level of treatment for substance dependency. Lakeview Center has two residential treatment programs. In these programs, your team will keep you actively involved in treatment and therapy sessions, while also address co-occurring mental health issues. The length of stay depends on each individual because treatment plans are tailored to each person. We listen. We care. We can help you.

Lakeview Center also provides services for children. Click here to learn more.

The Friary
Our dedicated team is passionate about helping each person who comes to us with alcohol and drug dependencies. We know that traumatic experiences are often the cause of substance abuse, so we take all components of your life into consideration. We have a proven process that guides us to effectively address all aspects of your addiction and helps you develop strengths and skills to put you on a path to recovery.

Located in Gulf Breeze, Florida on a beautiful bay, you will find The Friary environment tranquil and our staff supportive. The Friary provides the perfect setting and team to begin your recovery journey.

Medicaid and Medicare are not accepted at The Friary, but most commercial insurances are accepted as well as TRICARE. For more information about The Friary call 850.932.9375.

Struggling with Addiction?

Road to Recovery
The program at Road to Recovery is structured to address substance use disorders for men and women age 18 and older. Treatment at Road to Recovery utilizes evidence-based practices during an average 58-day length of stay.

We work with you to address other issues such as vocational, educational, legal, psychological and interpersonal problems to assist in providing the best outcomes for long-term recovery. Program services include: group and individual counseling, psycho-educational seminars, medical evaluation and referral if needed, vocational development, leisure activities, support groups, relapse prevention and an aftercare plan.

We accept some Florida Medicaid providers and Florida residents in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton counties without insurance who qualify for state funding. Let us know if we can help. Call 850.469.3579.

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