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Inpatient / Detox (Adult)

If your circumstance deems that it’s necessary, we provide medically supervised detoxification treatment as the first step toward your journey to recovery. We review your circumstance and determine a treatment plan based on your individual needs. When an acute inpatient care setting is needed, we have two detoxification locations that provide this level of care.

Acute Stabilization Unit (ASU)
The Acute Stabilization Unit (ASU) is located on Lakeview Center’s main campus and is a 10-bed crisis stabilization and medically supervised drug and alcohol detoxification facility that serves people who are 18 years old and older. The average length of stay is three to five days.  For more information about ASU services, please call 850.469.3495.

The Friary
The Friary specializes in the treatment of addictions and mental health issues. Inpatient detoxification is among the services that are offered as a part of a comprehensive recovery plan. The Friary is situated on a beautiful bay in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Medicaid and Medicare are not accepted at The Friary, but most commercial insurance's are accepted as well as TRICARE. For more information about The Friary call 850.932.9375.

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Lakeview Center also provides services for children. Click here to learn more.



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