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Case Management (Children)

Children with serious emotional or behavioral disturbances may require multiple interventions or services. Our case management team provides a system of care for those children. Case managers plan, link, advocate and coordinate care and treatment to ensure a cohesive, systemized approach for the best possible outcomes. We are family-centered and community-based serving children and adolescents in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Our services are provided in community and residential settings as well as acute and natural (i.e. home, school) environments. Children must be at risk for acute hospitalization and also meet one or more criteria, and we ask that you please call our team for those details. For more information about case management for children call 850.437.8976 or 850.469.3869 or 850.469.3714.

Behavioral Health Network (BNET)
BNET is an insurance program that emphasizes partnerships with providers to ensure the best possible care for children. The focus is on families and services are community-based. We assess for behavioral health needs and provide resources through referrals for therapy and other services. The network provides services to children who are enrolled in Florida Healthy Kids Insurance through The Florida Department of Health Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan. In this program we work with children ages 5 to 18 who:

  • Are enrolled in Florida Healthy Kids insurance
  • Have a DSM IV diagnosed disorder on Axis I other than ADD or ADHD
  • Have a CGAS of 50 or below
  • Require a higher level of care than Florida Healthy Kids benchmarks
  • Require more than 30 days of residential treatment

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 850.469.3500. Lakeview Center also provides services for adults. Click here to learn more.


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