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Photo of Haley

Hope is a pretty young woman who really hopes she will have an adoptive family of her own soon. She comes to us because of drug abuse by her parents and a disrupted relative placement. She is outgoing and sociable. She likes music and drawing. She can be kind and respectful- or not, depending on the situation. Sometimes she tries to be provocative to keep things stirred up as a defense mechanism to hide her real feelings. She is in the 10 grade where she is struggling academically and behaviorally. Hope needs a very tolerant adoptive family who understand teenaged behaviors and who will not be easily shocked. She also needs a family who will allow her to remain in contact with her brother and other relatives who remain important to her. Hope has a lot of potential but it is going to take a very special family to help her realize that and achieve all that she can. She can be a very challenging adolescent but she will also be a very rewarding young woman in the right adoptive family. Hope was born in November, 2000.

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